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How To Buy

Order vehicles via e-mail, fax or phone. When ordering vehicles, customers are required to state the stock numbers of the vehicles and their details as follows;
 a) company name/person's name
 b) e-mail address
 c) postal address
 d) phone number
 e) fax number
 f) the port of discharge
 Upon confirmation apro-forma invoice will be e-mailed promptly.
    (If you don't hear from us within a day. Please contact us.)
Please noto that if we don't ship your vehicles, a 8% consumer tax and recycle ticket is applied, however, if we ship your vehicles, no tax and recycle ticket is applied.


How To Pay

Payment is to be made in full in Japanese Yen via telegraphic transfer within a week from the issue date of the invoice.

(If you haven't dealt with us before,the payment must be made within 2 days from the issue date of the invoice. This is applied to the first time deal only.)


Banking Details

・Name to the bank: The bank of tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Ltd
・Name of Branch: Ikebukuro NIshiguchi Branch
・Bank address: 3-27-12 Nishi Ikebukuro Toshima-ku Tokyo Japan 171-0021

・Account number: 1149120
・Swift code: BOTKJPJT
・Pay to: Repro World Co.,Ltd.

※All bank charges and commissions out side Japan are for the payer.


Payment Confirmation

a) Upon making payment, fax the TT copy with your name and the vehicle stock number stated clearly.
b) After funds have reached our account, a notification will be e-mailed.
c) Shipment will be arranged promptly after receiving the payment.


Paper Work

All shipping documents and de-registration certificate(De-Reg)will be sent by EMS promptly after the ship departure.


FOB Charge


(Ro/Ro) 60,000yen  per car
(20ft:1car) 75,000yen  plus T.H.C
(40ft:2cars) 125,000yen  plus T.H.C
(40ft HC:3cars) 170,000yen plus T.H.C
(40ft HC:4cars) 215,000yen  plus T.H.C


(Ro/Ro) 52,000yen  per car
(20ft:1car) 67,000yen  plus T.H.C
(40ft:2cars) 99,000yen  plus T.H.C


(Ro/Ro) 52,000yen  per car
(20ft:1car) 67,000yen  plus T.H.C
(40ft:2cars) 99,000yen  plus T.H.C


(Ro/Ro) 84,000yen  per car
(20ft:1car) 99,000yen  plus T.H.C
(40ft:2cars) 163,000yen  plus T.H.C


(Ro/Ro) 74,000yen  per car
(20ft:1car) 89,000yen  plus T.H.C
(40ft:2cars) 143,000yen  plus T.H.C

T.H.C. (Terminal Handling Charge)

This is to be paid to the port when we ship a container.

・Asia,Oceania,South America, Africa  20,000yen per 40ft/40ft HC

                                  15,000yen per 20ft

・Europe,Middle East  42,000yen per 40ft/40ft HC

           30,000yen per 20ft

・North America   30,000yen per 40ft/40ft HC

           25,000yen per 20ft

Ocean Freight
Please ask.



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